Money Back with Every Purchase.

Get paid weekly at 5am every Tuesday

Are you still shopping like this?

Shopping in 43 countries with over 150,000 vendor merchants

They never ever heard of Credit Cards and Debit cards.....they used CASH.
Now you can too and get paid to shop.
Shop until you drop and get paid to do it.

Give someone a gift from your earnings that is not doing as well as you are...your cost $1.50
one time and they can earn, and earn, and earn, and never have to put money
in any other persons pocket. And, they never have to put any money in the companies pockets.
Just shop until you drop....and get "Cash Back" with every purchase. Then when they
also invite another party to be a member of the cash back program, they will earn,
and earn, and earn, from that new members purchases. That is a BIG WOW.

43 countries

45,000 vendor merchants to choose from.

Over 4,500,000 members.

Cash Back  Facts:

No money out of your pockets into anybody elses pockets.

No money out of your pocket and into the company.

This "Cash Back" program is not a MLM pyramid networked schema.
There are not any SHARKS, GYPSIES, THIEVES, just 45,000 vendor merchants that want
to show their appreciation when you purchase with the "Cash Back" card.
Get paid by over 45,000 vendor merchants on every purchase.
One (1) cash back card for over 45,000 vendor merchants.

Maximum of 2% cash back on every purchase. (policy dictated by vendor merchant)
Maximum of 30% loyalty rewards on every purchase and deposited into your accounting
program (like your old piggy bank when you were a kid).

Get this now!

1/2% from each direct members purchase for all their shopping.

1/2% from each indirect members purchase for all their shopping.

Note: there are more commissions that pay you based on activity.
Why?????  Because the vendor merchants love you.

Note: You could be a vendor merchant with your own company.

Every member must pay their own way in this "Cash Back" program.
For every member you enroll, it is going to cost you $1.50.  WOW.

You will never be charged INTEREST for buying from the vendor merchants.

It is a great day to shine your shoes!
It is a great day to buy a pair of shoes!
It is a great day for losing the blues!
It is a great day from morning to night!
It is a great day for singing a song!
Cash Back with every purchase.

First time YOUR piggy bank fills up
you get a check for $625.00.

Second time YOUR piggy bank fills up
you get a check for $1500.00.

It just gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

Dial 800.948.0662
for a recorded message about our "Cash Back" program.

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